Prevention is better than a cure

The “Prevention is better than a Cure” campaign is a Community safety/crime prevention initiative. It’s Main goal is to approach people from areas that place them in a greater risk of becoming offenders and or victims of crime (according to statistics) to take action in creating and implementing new methods to prevent criminal incidents, which lead to criminal activity. These methods are addressed towards young people (especially those aged 5 to 13) by using art as a tactic of early intervention and diversion from crime therefore producing community safety.

Horizon has been a forerunner in benchmark arts-based crime prevention programs like the recently completed C-red and (in partnership with Belmore Youth Centre) ‘Values’ – an education program for youth at risk as part of GAAP (Granville Alternative Arts Program). Experience with work with young people has led Horizon to believe that its best results occur when it introduces participants at as early an age as possible. Thanks to funding from Canterbury (Bulldogs) League Club through the Clubs NSW CDSE grant this campaign now under way.

“Prevention is Better than Cure” is multi-faceted. On one level it involves collaboration with other organizations to explore and promote new methods of using arts in the field of crime prevention. It also includes the workshops where participants not only become involved in the arts but also create works of art around themes of criminal activity and anti-social behavior, thus exploring issues and consequences.

This campaign is based on Community safety/crime prevention initiatives and provides training opportunities for young people (especially ATSI, CALD families and newly arrived migrants) providing support services for families with young children through early intervention. It is an alternative education program/ strategy around prevention strategies, consequences to criminal incidents leading to criminal activity/es.

The campaign also intends to distribute, perform or display artworks created as part of the campaign.  Funding is necessary to achieve these aims.

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