Horizon Theatre proudly presents the award winning puppet show “Imaginarium” with characters from famous fairy tales, and following the tradition of english pantomime.

The show incorporates puppetry, pantomime and music. A Witch named Witch Which casts a spell that jumbles the cast’s voices so all their words vanish into sounds, it even distorts their ability to sing. To break the spell, get their voices back and sing again, the actors and the audience  must use their imagination to solve the riddles posed by Witch Which.

Actors and puppeteers: Tim Ressos, Emilia Stubbs Grigoriou, Ebony Holiday, Ben Kuryo and Shabnam Tavakol

Directed by: Maddy Slabacu

Music by: Bob Short

Here is something of my thoughts on how the show impressed me! As a drama teacher and as a partner of an actor who was involved in Christmas Pantos in Ireland I can safely say I have seen my fair share of Pantomimes …. the first Puppet Pantomime I have experienced in Australia and the first as an aunt with her five year old nephew. The story was endearing, the actors and puppets watchable and relate able.Throughout the hour performance not once did my nephew move from his seat but to see better. Not once did he look away or lose interest he was captivated from the beginning to the finale and laughed out the loudest and hardest.

I truly loved it … you used panto conventions and the actors were great” – Anastasia