An Alien Adventure

A spectacular show for children aged 4 and up (and of course, those young at heart). ‘An Alien Adventure’ is about togetherness, friendship, protecting our planet, reaching for goals and achieving dreams.

With humour, puppets, songs and dance  this interactive show follows the trial and tribulations of a young ‘alien’ girl during her trip on Earth. Our heroine experiences misunderstandings, lessons learned, humorous turns and suspenseful twists, before discovering that when it comes to keeping earth green and blue, “Together we can change the world”.

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 Feedback from previous shows …

“Made us think. Extraordinary !” – Laree

“Funny!” – Coco

“Hilarious and Entertaining We Loved it!” – Sue

“Very Engaging & Entertaining” – Alex

“Lovely Show!”Emilia “Wonderful Show” – Phill