Horizon specialises in Visual Puppet Theatre. Central to visual theatre and puppetry itself is a rich, lyrical, symbolic and metaphoric language which takes the audience on a journey of emotions, concepts and stories.

Our Story 

For over two decades, Horizon Theatre has pioneered innovative approaches to visual theatre and puppetry receiving awards and accolades internationally.  Horizon’s Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Maddy Slabacu discovered the magical metaphorical language of visual and puppet theatre at Tanadarica Theatre, Romania, where she trained and performed extensively. Tanadarica is a world-renowned puppet theatre now celebrating its 75th anniversary.  

Maddy has trained generations of young Australian actors and puppeteers who have grown into exceptional visual and puppet theatre artists. She now also trains NIDA students in this compelling art-form. 

Creativity & Culture

Horizon implements theatre in all its aspects from contemporary performances and visual drama to puppets, masks, and pantomime. The Theatre creates an exciting and challenging medium for audiences through the use of a wide range of theatrical styles and techniques including video, special effects, dance, sculpture, lighting, original music, digital media, and mobile interactive performances

Vision & Mission

Founded in 1997, Horizon Theatre Co. Ltd. is a non-profit, multi-arts organisation situated in Wiley Park which provides to people of all ages access, services and opportunities for creative expression. 

Horizon Theatre Company Ltd. was established with the clear goal of developing a world-class repertory theatre company in Sydney’s south-western region and beyond, whilst enhancing artistic, cultural and economic opportunities for a diverse range of theatre practitioners and developing a large audience, primarily among young people.Horizon Theatre is on the list of approved Cultural Organisations, entitled to tax deductibility. Any financial donation to the theatre (by cash, cheque or credit card), is tax-deductible. 

Maddy Slabacu

founder and artistic director