2013-08-03 13.04.46Punch and Judy (Showing in June)
A well known puppet show through out the world and Horizon Theatre has its own unique Australian modern day version that will delight audience of all ages. Punch and Judy includes movement, puppets, pantomime and theatrical dialogue.
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AAA_ProfilePictureAn Alien Adventure
A spectacular show for children (and of course, those young at heart). ‘An Alien Adventure’ is about togetherness, friendship, protecting our planet, reaching for goals and achieving dreams. With humour, puppets, songs and dance this interactive show follows the trial and tribulations of a young ‘alien’ girl during her trip on Earth.
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Singing with Santa
Our Santa can visit you for your corporate event, community celebration, or family gathering and he can bring some friends to!
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FBcoverLove Thee
A collection of visually exquisite vignettes exploring the meaning of love. Through a combination of puppetry, visual arts, music, contemporary movement and humour, the creative team of Horizon Theatre seek answers  Directed by Maddy Slabacu, Set Design by Dan Potra, Music by Bob Short
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A style of street/ roving theatre with new costumes, new movement and new sounds from a mix of cultures. Our colourful fun filled street theatre characters use their skills and even some puppetry to entertain people of any nationality at any event.

Nursery Rhyme Time
Join Pete McBeat is the funkiest puppet on the street, with other colourful puppets and some friendly actors as they treat the audience to their own version of the communities favourite nursery rhymes and somefresh one’s for them to learn. “Oh My! It that the time? It’s time to sing a nursery rhyme”

Community Commedia De’ll Arte
Based on the framework of Commedia De’ll Arte and concentrating on the relationship between the Zanni (the ordinary people) and Pantalone/Capitano (the ruling class), Community Commedia De’ll Arte uses satire to explore the issues that the local community face. Horizon have successfully put a new spin on entertainment through improvised comedy that both draws in an audience and interacts with them

You can’t steal Christmas
(Dec 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st – BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL)
Entertain your group at our theatre in December.
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A desperate group of creatures arrive on a magic island in a search of everlasting youth and vitality.

To book one of our shows contact us on (02) 97509567

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