Hot Room Theatre Monopoly

Written and directed by the award-winning Steven Hopley, this comedy will have you laughing all the way to the bank! Five friends gather at a harbourside apartment for a friendly game of Monopoly. But when the newest player suggests that they play with real money, the competition heats up – and threatens to change their lives forever.

Starring: Jasper Garner Gore, Benjamin Kuryo, Diego AR Melo, Alison Lee Rubie & Emilia Stubbs Grigoriou

Tales of Kabbarli

A rich imaginary and historical window into the Australian continent and its first peoples, that resonates with modern audiences and our current times.The show is based on Daisy Bates, iconic heroine who spent decades living with tribal aboriginals, fighting injustice.

Robina Beard has been working all her life in television, dance, drama, comedy, children’s theatre, and theatre restaurant, both as performer and director. Her most ‘famous’ persona was that of Madge the Palmolive Dishwashing Lady. In 2011, she was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for Services to the Theatre.

A Playscript production performed at Horizon Theatre in Wiley Park. Acclaimed Australian theatre.

With Robina Beard

Written and directed by Geoffrey Sykes

Paradise Now

A stunning piece of contemporary theatre. A homage to world cultures, the earth and hope. Music, immersive images, poetry and movement combine.  A previous version of this show was reviewed as: “Most daring, engrossing. A mesmerising, esoteric one hour performance  charting  the human journey, in particular the female journey, from the primordial right up to some imaginings of what the future may hold. Geoff Sykes splashes onto a silk curtain  a vast, diverse range of images,  featuring some great spectacular nature shots … Extracts from literature and religious texts from time memorial and an atmospheric score adds to a sense of wonder ” Sydney Arts Guide.

A Playscript production performed at Horizon Theatre in Wiley Park. Acclaimed Australian theatre.

With Shabnam Tavakol
Devised and directed by Geoffrey Sykes

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream comes to Wiley Park Amphitheatre, home of Horizon Theatre Co. The dream is Shakespeare’s invitation to sit back and enjoy the spectacle of a magical spirit realm toying with spellbound mortals. We are able to delight in the caracter’s only partial awarness of the drama earnestly pursuing their desires, whilst the spirit realm assumes control. But is anyone really in charge, or is it just their imagination, the vision of a dream?

Shakespeare Secret and Push-up clowns

Having Dr Ira Seidenstein as a guest was a fantastic creative time at Horizon. We had a wonderful 4 days Shakespeare Secret and Push-up clowns performing arts workshop.

Shakespeare Secret and Push-up clowns performing arts workshop.
Photo by Catalin Fine Art Photography

One of our participants wrote to say “Thanks to Ira Seidenstein Maddy Slabacu Park Sanghyun Shabnam Tavakol Nikita Rybak Catalin Anastase Emily Burton I have learnt one of the best ways to act naturally and will take these training to all my love of performing arts!

Here are the some photo from the workshops ….

Friends of Horizon