Edge Street Theatre

The Edge St Theatre project created by Horizon is designed to bring young people in at risk areas from diverse cultural, linguistic and religious communities together to be mentored by local professional artists. $4,520 was received by the theatre through Optus Connecting Communities Grants Program to enable us to train up a new group of young performers in theatre and arts-based activities.

As well as creating a new production that promotes social inclusion, participants will learn how to promote themselves and their final production through phone, email, social networking, blogs, video and their own section within horizon theatre’s web presence.

Youth from every corner of Canterbury and Bankstown LGA’s  (even those on the edge) are invited to be part of this project. All you need is a willingness to be equipped with new skills that will allow you the opportunity to express your talents and connect you with the community.

The project will train participants in theatre and arts-based activities including their promotion and thus improve their social skills and thus help them engage more successfully with the community.  Their final performance will be based around the theme of social inclusion.

Participants will be given access to the horizon theatre web presence where, under supervision, they can design their own Pages, Social networking sites, blogs and video diaries.

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