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Get Up Again

Get Up Again

Prevention is better than a Cure

The “Prevention is better than Cure” campaign is a Community safety/crime prevention initiative performed at the Horizon Theatre in Wiley Park. It’s Main goal is to approach people from areas that place them in a greater risk of becoming offenders and or victims of crime (according to statistics) to take action in creating and implementing new methods to prevent criminal incidents, which lead to criminal activity. These methods are addressed towards young people by using art as a tactic of early intervention and diversion from crime, producing community safety. Click here for more info. Punch and Policeman5

Edge Street Theatre

The projects aims to create a new troupe of young performers from disengaged and disadvantaged backgrounds.  The Horizon Theatre will recruit young participants, commence team building exercises and workshops in drama, puppetry, mime etc.  It will then devise the nature of, rehearse, promote and stage the final performance. Click here for more info.

Call On

This project aims to broaden the social fabric of the community and provide young people with an opportunity to become involved in the arts.  It allows access to young people no matter what economic situation their families are in. Click here for more info. 


The primary focus of this project was on de-escalating tensions, emanating from peer pressure, low self-esteem, bullying, discrimination and other relevant issues, through a series of workshops and arts-based activities. It also focuses on interactions between police and young people. The project endeavours to particularly engage young people of CLAD backgrounds, though not exclusively. Click here for more info.

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