Flight to Fancy

We are taking a Flight to Fancy thanks to SBW Foundation

Flight to Fancy (Romanian version “Imaginarium” ) will go to ImPuls Festival Bucharest 2016

The artistic aim is to promote vibrant Australian theatre and give opportunities to Australian emerging artist to appreciate and enjoy puppet theatre in all its facets, both locally and internationally – exposing Australian arts to a larger audience.
This will build opportunities and capacity for the production and the Australian artists involved.
This like most of our productions is largely visually orientated and will be used to frame a number of puppet skits based around traditional fairy stories.
Our aim is that audiences and artists, here and internationally will be lead into a soaring of the imagination and an increased knowledge about puppetry – challenging concepts of arts and culture.

Stay Tuned for more news on the development of Flight to Fancy.


Youth can now ACTivate thanks to Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL

Thanks to Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL youth can now ‘ACTivate’.

ACTivate is an early intervention project using art, drama, dance and music to bring together diverse youth (especially at-risk, marginalised, refugee, newly arrived and/or from CALD backgrounds) to address issues affecting them such as anger, bullying and violence.

Through mentoring and workshops, the causes of unacceptable behaviour will be confronted and alternative courses of action explored. The issues raised and the young people’s responses will culminate in the presentation and/or production of artworks and events developed by the participants to be presented to their peers, families and the wider community to advocate and educate how to increase community harmony.


Taking Centre Stage thanks to Canterbury Leagues

Thanks to Canterbury League Club young people living with a disability & special needs will take “Centre Stage”

“Centre Stage” will focus in providing access to creative and recreational activities and facilities for young people living with a disability and special needs in the Canterbury Catchment area (previously known as the Canterbury local government area).

Acknowledging the culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds of participants, Horizon will stage performances, presentations and run artistic workshops including creative story telling, drama, mime, music, costume, puppetry and photography.

Participants will be;
– involved as art creators and/or audience members
– matched to activities based on their individual talents,
aptitudes and inclinations –
encouraged to participate in activities with people not living
with a disability
– become involved and place themselves centre stage.

Find out more by contact the theatre on (02) 97509567


Art Can Do It

Thanks to funding from Canterbury League Club through the ClubGrants initiative, the ‘Art Can Do It’ program aims to bring participants with minor disabilities and mental health issues up to a level where they can work alongside professional performers!

The Art Can Do It program aims to provide a form of physical recreation to participants, build self-confidence and allow young people to express their creativity. The program is divided into two parts; training young people with disabilities to perform street theatre at community events such as the Haldon Street Festival and Carols in the Park; and workshops introducing participants to physical theatre, mime, dance and puppetry.

Asides from improving participants self-confidence, theatre work has elements of physical activity and it is an exercise in movement and co- ordination and the ability to repeat an action. The benefits of being involved with the arts are almost immediately noticeable. One can see it in the smiles of participants and in their growing enthusiasm to try more things and stretch themselves further. The participants often enter shy, uncertain and even reluctant and leave excited and enthusiastic.

Art Can Do It program aims to provide a form of physical recreation to participants, build self-confidence and allow young people to express their creativity.
Art Can Do It program aims to provide a form of physical recreation to participants, build self-confidence and allow young people to express their creativity.

Participants get to work out their bodies in an environment that is supportive and is less based on competition. They also will learn team working skills. Most importantly, they will learn they can get involved and can demonstrate the ability to overcome perceived obstacles associated with their circumstances.

Dr George Peponis OAM, Chairman of Canterbury League Club said “Disabilities shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying performance arts; Canterbury is proud to sponsor a program that raises awareness of the arts in our community and the importance of everyone getting a fair go to try something new”

We don’t see actors with disabilities – we see actors with potential to achieve great things.

proudly supported by Canterbury League Club