Paradise Now

A stunning piece of contemporary theatre. A homage to world cultures, the earth and hope. Music, immersive images, poetry and movement combine.  A previous version of this show was reviewed as: “Most daring, engrossing. A mesmerising, esoteric one hour performance  charting  the human journey, in particular the female journey, from the primordial right up to some imaginings of what the future may hold. Geoff Sykes splashes onto a silk curtain  a vast, diverse range of images,  featuring some great spectacular nature shots … Extracts from literature and religious texts from time memorial and an atmospheric score adds to a sense of wonder ” Sydney Arts Guide

With Shabnam Tavakol
Devised and directed by Geoffrey Sykes

18, 19, 25, 26 7.30 PM and 3.30 matinee. Horizon Theatre, Wiley Park.

Info, session times and bookings at

$20 all lickets before 13/9

Social distancing – Covid regulations followed. Limited seating.