Punch and Judy Leichhardt

PunchAndJudy_LEICHARDT_COUNCIThe show’s about to start. And what a show we have for you! We have Punch! We have Judy! We have a selection of crocodiles, judges, police and even a baby! You will be astounded! You will be entertained, amused and generally glad you got up in the morning. Two big days of performances. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell random people you see in the street.

2 shows happening in October thanks to Leichhardt Council.


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Feedback from Punch & Judy – OpenMarrickville

We had a blast being a part of Open Marrickville, performing Punch And Judy thanks to Marrickville Council

Here is feedback from 2 people …

From a grandmother:

“ My grandson & I enjoyed “Punch and Judy” which my young sons & I saw a bit over 40 years ago @ a midsummer fair and @ Cambridge, UK. Hurrah for continuing this wonderful theatrical tradition that is ancient & should be valued! “ – Theresa Jones

From a mother with 2 sons (who came to all the shows following us):
” My boys Loved it”
And here is one more:
“I would just like to thank you for the amazing puppet show performed at Marrickville as part of the open marrickville festival on Saturday 21st June. My whole family thoroughly enjoyed the show and wish there were more shows like this in our local suburb. Could you please email me with any dates of future shows from your theatre as this is the second performance we have attended and think you run an extremely professional company. The show was hilariously funny- really well written and performed.  Keep up the great work and we look forward to your response. – Sue