Haldon Street Festival Images

WOW! What a great day to have our characters out and about! Yes it did rain, but in the true spirit of Horizon and of the Haldon Street Festival the day kept going!

The Management of Horizon would like to give a big thanks to all the talented and loyal participants (from our theatre) to Haldon Street Festival 2014.

Thank You Bob, Loredana, Ben, Mark, Peter,Teresa ,Emillia, Catalin, Rachel, Shown and all the children

Here are some images to enjoy from this fantastic day.

And here are images from previous years.

Haldon St Festival

Each and every year Horizon Theatre takes part in the planing, preparations and presenting of the Haldon St Festival.

This year we were out and about in the parade, providing colourful characters and performing Punch & Judy to (at the Bulevard stage and on SBS stage)

You can find out more about this event by Clicking Here or watching the video below.

International Day of Families

May 15 is the International Day of Families. The Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 with resolution A/RES/47/237 to reflect the importance the international community attaches to families. 2014 is the 20th anniversary of international year of the family

The twentieth anniversary offers an opportunity to refocus on the role of families in development; take stock of recent trends in family policy development; share good practices in family policy making; review challenges faced by families worldwide and recommend solutions.

Owing to rapid socio-economic and demographic transformations, families find it more and more difficult to fulfil their numerous responsibilities. Many struggle to overcome poverty and adequately provide for the younger and older family members. It is also more and more difficult for them to reconcile work and family responsibilities and maintain the intergenerational bonds that sustained them in the past.
In response to these trends, the preparations for the twentieth anniversary of the IYF will focus on exploring family-oriented policies and strategies aiming mainly at confronting family poverty; ensuring work-family balance and advancing social integration and intergenerational solidarity. The preparatory process is to accelerate progress in family policy development; demonstrate its relevance for overall development efforts and draw attention to the role of different stakeholders in achieving these goals.
The preparations for the twentieth anniversary will include:
  • International and regional expert group meetings gathering family experts and practitioners to explore recent family trends; analyse family-oriented policies and programmes and review good practices in family policy making.
  • Research activities, including background papers on family poverty, work family balance and intergenerational solidarity.
  •  Exchange of good practices in family policy.
  • Observances of the International Days of Families focusing on the themes for the twentieth anniversary.
  • Side events at the Commission for Social Development.
  • Government, civil society, academic and private sector initiatives at the national level.
  • Findings and recommendations from these activities are to guide future action in effective family policy design, monitoring and implementation.
Governments, United Nations agencies and bodies, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, research and academic institutions and the private sector are encouraged to play a supportive role in promoting the objectives of the twentieth anniversary for the benefit of families worldwide.

Harmony Day

Harmony Day 21 March is a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home – from the traditional owners of this land to those who have come from many countries around the world. By participating in Harmony Day activities, we can learn and understand how all Australians from diverse backgrounds equally belong to this nation and enrich it.

Horizon Theatre have taken part in this even in many ways in the past, so there is no surprise we are at it again this year! Our website header and colour theme has officially gone orange in support!

Here are some photo’s of what we have done in the past ….

What’s on?

Don’t have any plans yet for Harmony Day? Check out what’s happening in your area..