Love Thee

Love Thee is a collection of visually exquisite vignettes exploring the meaning of love. Through a combination of puppetry, visual arts, music, contemporary movement and humour, the creative team of Horizon Theatre seeks answers. 

“The movement of all the performers, both human and animated was disconcertingly fluid and sexy. The girls in particular were wonderfully free and deft. Watching this show felt a bit like standing on a rainswept shore seeing people being rescued from a shipwreck at night, with lightning as the only illumination so, you know, gripping stuff, if slightly bewildering here and there”

“Costumes became puppets; puppets wore costumes; marionettes and glove puppets and stretchy body-anchored puppets were all invested with affect and character. All the actors demonstrated pretty serious technical skills and the crafting of the ‘animation’ was nothing short of fascinating”

Actors: Jason Dorsett, Lachlan McInnis, Annie Schofield/Ebony Halliday, Shabnam Tavakol, Daniel Timbury

Directed by Maddy Slabacu

Set Design: Dan Potra

Music by: Bob Short

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