Shannon shares her story

Two youth workers Shannon & Julie from the American group called The Journey Community, visited us on 20-21 March for some Work Experience and to get to know how we at Horizon make a difference in the community through the arts!

Here is what Shannon had to say about her visit …..

As a part of our IYWE 2014 trip to Australia, I had the pleasure of experience a small slice of life at Horizon Theatre.

I was blown away by the diversity in programs they offered and the voice that they allow locals teens to share with their community.

It’s always interesting to see the type of ways that youth workers engage their young people, and I can say I learned quite a few things.

1) It’s about listening to our kids, and not taking them for granted.

2) We live in a small world, and you never know the connections that you might share with someone else. It was interested to find that Jason now lives in Indiana and has some of the same contacts as we do!

3) Kids need love. Period. You don’t have to be an expert, but you do have to show you care.

Julie- Shannon internyouth exchange

Shannon is pictured here on the LEFT

I am so thankful to know that I have a place I can return when I come back to Australia. And I am so thankful for all the good work that is ongoing at Horizon!

Maddy was a real blessing to meet, she was so hospitable and accommodating to our needs. I truly felt a part of the Horizon family. 

Julie takes a journey to Horizon

Two youth workers Shannon & Julie from the American group called The Journey Community, visited us on 20-21 March for some Work Experience and to get to know how we at Horizon make a difference in the community through the arts!

Here is what Julie had to say about her visit …..

My name is Julie Bowman and I’m a youth worker from the United States. I live in Indiana, a Midwest state near Chicago, and I work for a mentoring organization that exposes at-risk kids to higher education and careers.

I visited the Horizons Theatre Company on the International Youth Worker Exchange from The Journey Fellowship of Indiana, USA to learn about youth work in Australia.

I was impressed to see the materials and space the youth of Canterbury and Bankstown can access to express themselves at Horizon!

I learned about nonprofits in Australia from Maddy Slabacu and compared and contrasted to my organization in the United States.

I learned about the varied ways that the theatre encourages local children and teens to express themselves and address social issues through puppetry and acting.

Julie- Shannon internyouth exchange

Julie is pictured here on the RIGHT

I particularly loved learning that Horizons recruited some of its most loyal participants from the kids who regularly hang out outside of the theatre.

Thank you, Maddy, for your hospitality! I loved Sydney and visiting you and the theatre!

Work Experience with Ruby

Ruby came to Horizon Theatre for Her school work experience and what do you know, she loved it!

She got to do what she loves – Design!!

Better yet she did such a good job that the puppets she painted were a part of our recent Christmas show, see BOTH her tweets below!!!

Work Experience

This is some feed back we got from a parent …..

” I am writing this email to say a very big thank you to Horizon Theatre Co for allowing my daughter to complete her year 11 work experience at your theatre.  She is a year 11 student who attends Georges River College Oatley Senior Campus and is studying Entertainment at school.  The students are required to complete a week of work experience and she attended your theatre last week.

She loved every minute of her experience and especially enjoyed working with the Manager Maddy.  She was given many interesting tasks to complete including painting puppets.  I just wanted to tell you how fantastic the experience has been for my daughter and she would like to return to this work place as a volunteer if possible.”


At Horizon Theatre we also offer work experience for young people and are dedicated to working with the community. Whilst completing work experience with us you will learn lots of different elements of live theatre and puppetry. You will also have the opportunity to work “behind the scenes” and assist with lighting, costumes and creating props. Horizon Theatre is a great  place to learn different elements of theatre so contact us today!

If you or your school/organisation is interested in working with us then please don’t hesitate to Contact Us or call us on (02) 97509567