Live, Move, Smile

Thanks to Bankstown City Council #LiveMoveSmile has been providing access to creative and recreational activities for #Youth in #Bankstown – especially those living with a #disability !
The activities are being presented through series of workshops for young people (especially those living with a disability and/or from CALD backgrounds). Workshops involve movement and dance encouraging healthy living, self expression and a stressing self worth and connection to the community.

The project acknowledges the culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds of participants. It is working on reducing social isolation by bringing young people from a diverse range of cultures and abilities together.

Sport has always played an important role in young people’s lives. However, it is not of universal interest. “Live, Move Smile” has created alternate opportunities for young people to engage in physical activities whilst working within a team environment through mime, music and physical theatre including puppetry.

Horizon Theatre needs just $2000 more in funding to present this project to its full extent. If you are able to contribute CLICK HERE or simply Contact Us.

The project addresses some of the key issues raised by disability discussion group at Bankstown social planning meetings such as

  • the lack of day programs for people with a disability, particularly affordable ones
  • the need for access to services by people with a disability especially CALD and newly arrived.

Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping Up Appearances is part of a series of short films known as Snippets.

These Snippets are intended to be used when delivering community engagement/education workshops.

Snippets is a video resource depicting pertinent issues in Bankstown to be used when delivering community engagement/education workshops. Funded by Bankstown City Council and supported by Bankstown Working With Youth Network – Social Issues Working Party.

These Snippets are intended to be used when delivering community engagement/education workshops.

This one is about a young woman looks at an image she believes represents an attractive woman. She tries to measure herself against this image but feels inadequate. Considering herself to be overweight, she stops eating. Her friends become worried but she refuses all offers of food. At home, she continues to refuse food. Finally, she collapses and is taken to hospital. After treatment she returns home and begins to rebuild a normal life.

Facilitators can use the questions listed below to encourage young people to express their opinions — even though a description has been provided above there is not necessarily a correct answer!

Using your own words, describe what you saw happen in the film.
What constitutes a healthy diet?
Do images in magazines realistically represent how women look?
What could you do if one of your friends was not

We Can Do It

Supporting community theatre with a message

Thanks to a grant from Bankstown Sports ClubGRANTS program, Horizon Theatre Company has been able to launch an exciting new project “We Can Do It”.

“We Can Do It” provides access to creative and recreational activities for young people living with a disability in the Bankstown local government area and will run until February 2015.

Artistic Director of Horizon Theatre, Maddy Slabacu, says “This project acknowledges the culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds of people in our local area and matches activities such as drama, music, costume and makeup, puppetry and photography to individual talents and abilities.

We provide a range of workshops across all these activities and also stage performances in drama and puppetry for young people living with a disability.

We let people know about our workshops by advertising and distributing flyers locally, we also work with partners like Barnados Australia, but if anyone else wants to get involved we’re flexible enough to add them in now!”

Horizon Theatre Company is located in Wiley Park and has been operating for over 17 years. The theatre has developed a large audience primarily with children and young people in the region and beyond. The company is particularly excited to see some of the children of the earliest participants benefitting from their programs.

CEO of Bankstown Sports, Mark Condi, says, “Performance and artistic skills should be available to all members of our community. We are very pleased to be able to support such a wonderful initiative which provides enjoyment and challenge.”

Rising to the Challenge

RISING TO THE CHALLENGE aims to provide access to creative and recreational activities for young people living with a disability in the Canterbury local government area.

Thanks to the support of Canterbury Leagues Club Horizon will stage performances for the young people living with a disability. The theatre will also run workshops in drama, music, costume, puppet making, puppetry and photography.

Participants will be involved as art creators and/or audience members. They will be individually matched to activities based on their individual talents, aptitudes and inclinations with a core focus of intergration, encouraging participation in activities with people not living with a disability

Horizon works closely with many organizations that support people with disabilities and have seen the positive response from carers and the participants towards the activities they have been involved in at the Theatre. We continue to receive many requests from organizations and families for more activities however we need to keep these very affordable for organizations with limited budgets and in order to be able to continue to provide this service.

According to the Summary of City of Canterbury Area Needs and Priorities document 2013 there is an urgent need for “recreational social activities/programs for people with disabilities.”

Horizon will help meet these needs by providing these programs and activities targeted towards young people living with physical disability, mental health issues and intellectual disability. This can sometimes involve a high level of one on one training. Additionally, the theatre aims to meet the urgent need for culturally appropriate respite care and recreational activities for CALD people with disabilities.

An interest in and involvement with the arts has been shown to have many benefits for young people in terms of improved educational results, improved self esteem and feelings of well being. It is an interest that can continue through an entire lifetime.


Puppets for Planet

With the planet in peril from pollution and climate change, The puppets at Horizon Theatre are ready to spread environmental messages using live performances, workshops and video clips.

Thanks to funding from Bankstown City Council the puppets of Horizon Theatre will be sending out an environmental message to the people of the Bankstown LGA!

Whilst this project’s messages are primarily aimed at Children and Young People, through family connections, the information delivered will spread to the wider community and, in so doing, bringer a broader understanding that helps everyone.

Like everyone else, the puppets at Horizon Theatre are concerned about threats to the environment. Not content to merely sit on the shelf, they want to stand and be counted and, with their popularity with children and young people, they are uniquely placed to make a difference. They want (and need!) to sing and perform in the Bankstown local government area and tell the people of Bankstown about things they can do to help their environment. And whilst saving the planet is a serious business, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun.

After they put on a performance, the puppets and their puppeteers will run workshops making puppets out of recycled items, so that the kids of Bankstown can take a something home to help clean up the town.

Horizon Theatre will also be posting Youtube clips and using social media such and Facebook and Twitter to spread the word even further. Puppetry has been clearly demonstrated for effectiveness in dissemination of information to culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Horizon Theatre needs just $1200 more in funding to present this project to its full extent. If you are able to contribute CLICK HERE or simply Contact Us.

This is not the first time our puppets have been used in such an effective way. Horizon Theatre, with the help of Bankstown Council and local young people, produced a short video on the theme of recycling. It can be seen below. It is successes like this from which Horizon wishes to build.

We strives to achieve the goals of the 2023 Bankstown Community Plan partcularly in the areas of “Green”, “Liveable” and “Invest”

Art helping youth with disabilities to express their voices

The Horizon Theatre Company is “Ready and Able” to help young people living with disabilities express themselves through art thanks to a $13,396 donation from Canterbury League Club.

“Ready and Able” is a special program run by Horizon with aim to provide young people in the Canterbury local government area with access to creative and recreational activities. Participants are matched to activities based on their individual talents, abilities and interests, and include workshops in drama, music, costume and make-up, puppetry and photography.

“When young people come to Horizon, they learn skills and are provided with opportunities for self-expression without the fear of negative consequences. They have the freedom to make their own mistakes in a safe environment,” said Maddy Slabacu, Artistic Director at Horizon Theatre Company.

Aside from their “Ready and Able” program, Horizon also runs at least four other programs catering to different segments within the over 500 young people participating each year.

“We tailor our programs and projects to different age groups, interests and abilities. It is important to give the participants equal opportunities to access the art and theatre industry – it is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution,” said Maddy.

Participants are actively encouraged to show-off their newly-acquired skills at group performances held at festivals and other special events as well as at short season recitals organised by Horizon throughout the year.

“Art has always been a wonderful way to connect people together – participants learn how to work in teams, overcome social phobias and form great friendships with each other. Horizon provides a nurturing environment which really helps participants build their self-confidence,” said Dr George Peponis OAM, Chairman of the Canterbury League Club.


Proudly supported by Canterbury League Club