The Art of ARTiculation 

Thanks to the kind support of Bankstown Sports Club and funding from the CLUBgrants scheme, Horizon Theatre Company is proud to announce the commencement of the “ARTiculate” project.

“ARTiculate” will promote self expression through creative and recreational activities for young people living with a disability in the Bankstown area. The project acknowledges the culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds of participants. Horizon will stage performances including drama and puppetry for the young people living with a disability. Furthermore, the theatre will run workshops in drama, music, costume & make-up, puppetry and photography.  Participants will be matched to activities based on their individual talents, abilities and inclinations. Participants of the project will be involved as art creators and/or audience members.

In operation since 1997, Horizon Theatre Company Ltd was established with the clear aim of enhancing artistic, cultural and economic opportunities for a diverse background of youth at risk, marginalised youth and theatre practitioners while developing a large audience, primarily among young people of age 4 to 17 and 18 to 25.  Through projects such as Youth Arts and Culture Outreach, C-Red, Act II, CPR and Phoenix, Horizon Theatre has specialised in providing effective arts based programmes and workshops for young people.  These workshops have acted to educate, inform, enhance social skills and provide an avenue of investigating and arresting the causes of unacceptable social behavior such as bullying, relationship violence and drug and alcohol related issues.

Horizon Theatre has gained a reputation for delivering successful arts workshops to young people in the local area including those living with a disability.  We continue to believe that involvement with artistic endeavour is an important facet in young people’s lives, building self confidence, creativity, ability to communicate and improving educational outcomes.   Such experiences should not be denied any young person.

For further details about this project including availability of placements, please contact Maddy Slabacu on (02) 9750 9567.

This project received  funding through Bankstown Sports Club ClubGRANTS scheme

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