Time to Get it Together 

Thanks to the kind support of Bankstown Sports Club funding us via the CLUBgrants scheme, Horizon Theatre Company is proud to announce the commencement of the “Get Together” project.  “Get Together” is an early intervention project using music,dance and drama to bring together youth (especially those at-risk, refugee, newly arrived and/or from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds) to creatively express themes of harmony.

Through a series of workshops and mentoring, behaviour that leads to disharmony such as anger, hatred, bullying and prejudice will be explored through art and the consequences addressed. Simultaneously, alternative attitudes and behaviour that contribute to greater understanding and harmony in the community will also be explored.  These workshops will culminate in the production of a presentation developed by participants.

Through projects such as Youth Arts and Culture Outreach, C-Red, Act II, CPR and Phoenix, Horizon Theatre has specialised in providing effective arts based programmes and workshops for young people.  These workshops have acted to educate, inform, enhance social skills and provide an avenue of investigating and arresting the causes of unacceptable social behavior such as bullying, relationship violence and drug and alcohol related issues.

Involvement with the arts has been demonstrated to improve educational results, boost self confidence and reduce involvement in criminal and anti social behaviour.  This project will further benefit the community by bringing young people from different backgrounds together to work towards common goals.

For further details about this project including availability of placements, please contact Maddy Slabacu on (02) 9750 9567.

This project received  funding through Bankstown Sports Club ClubGRANTS scheme

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