Live, Move, Smile

Thanks to Bankstown City Council #LiveMoveSmile has been providing access to creative and recreational activities for #Youth in #Bankstown – especially those living with a #disability !
The activities are being presented through series of workshops for young people (especially those living with a disability and/or from CALD backgrounds). Workshops involve movement and dance encouraging healthy living, self expression and a stressing self worth and connection to the community.

The project acknowledges the culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds of participants. It is working on reducing social isolation by bringing young people from a diverse range of cultures and abilities together.

Sport has always played an important role in young people’s lives. However, it is not of universal interest. “Live, Move Smile” has created alternate opportunities for young people to engage in physical activities whilst working within a team environment through mime, music and physical theatre including puppetry.

Horizon Theatre needs just $2000 more in funding to present this project to its full extent. If you are able to contribute CLICK HERE or simply Contact Us.

The project addresses some of the key issues raised by disability discussion group at Bankstown social planning meetings such as

  • the lack of day programs for people with a disability, particularly affordable ones
  • the need for access to services by people with a disability especially CALD and newly arrived.