Rising to the Challenge

RISING TO THE CHALLENGE aims to provide access to creative and recreational activities for young people living with a disability in the Canterbury local government area.

Thanks to the support of Canterbury Leagues Club Horizon will stage performances for the young people living with a disability. The theatre will also run workshops in drama, music, costume, puppet making, puppetry and photography.

Participants will be involved as art creators and/or audience members. They will be individually matched to activities based on their individual talents, aptitudes and inclinations with a core focus of intergration, encouraging participation in activities with people not living with a disability

Horizon works closely with many organizations that support people with disabilities and have seen the positive response from carers and the participants towards the activities they have been involved in at the Theatre. We continue to receive many requests from organizations and families for more activities however we need to keep these very affordable for organizations with limited budgets and in order to be able to continue to provide this service.

According to the Summary of City of Canterbury Area Needs and Priorities document 2013 there is an urgent need for “recreational social activities/programs for people with disabilities.”

Horizon will help meet these needs by providing these programs and activities targeted towards young people living with physical disability, mental health issues and intellectual disability. This can sometimes involve a high level of one on one training. Additionally, the theatre aims to meet the urgent need for culturally appropriate respite care and recreational activities for CALD people with disabilities.

An interest in and involvement with the arts has been shown to have many benefits for young people in terms of improved educational results, improved self esteem and feelings of well being. It is an interest that can continue through an entire lifetime.