Puppets for Planet

With the planet in peril from pollution and climate change, The puppets at Horizon Theatre are ready to spread environmental messages using live performances, workshops and video clips.

Thanks to funding from Bankstown City Council the puppets of Horizon Theatre will be sending out an environmental message to the people of the Bankstown LGA!

Whilst this project’s messages are primarily aimed at Children and Young People, through family connections, the information delivered will spread to the wider community and, in so doing, bringer a broader understanding that helps everyone.

Like everyone else, the puppets at Horizon Theatre are concerned about threats to the environment. Not content to merely sit on the shelf, they want to stand and be counted and, with their popularity with children and young people, they are uniquely placed to make a difference. They want (and need!) to sing and perform in the Bankstown local government area and tell the people of Bankstown about things they can do to help their environment. And whilst saving the planet is a serious business, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun.

After they put on a performance, the puppets and their puppeteers will run workshops making puppets out of recycled items, so that the kids of Bankstown can take a something home to help clean up the town.

Horizon Theatre will also be posting Youtube clips and using social media such and Facebook and Twitter to spread the word even further. Puppetry has been clearly demonstrated for effectiveness in dissemination of information to culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Horizon Theatre needs just $1200 more in funding to present this project to its full extent. If you are able to contribute CLICK HERE or simply Contact Us.

This is not the first time our puppets have been used in such an effective way. Horizon Theatre, with the help of Bankstown Council and local young people, produced a short video on the theme of recycling. It can be seen below. It is successes like this from which Horizon wishes to build.

We strives to achieve the goals of the 2023 Bankstown Community Plan partcularly in the areas of “Green”, “Liveable” and “Invest”