Media Expectation

Media Expectation is part of a series of short films known as Snippets.

These Snippets are intended to be used when delivering community engagement/education workshops.

This one is about two young women look through a magazine at pictures of their favorite model during lunch time. Increasingly, they become concerned that they cannot be as attractive as the woman pictured in the magazine. One of the women pushes her lunch aside.

Facilitators can use the questions listed below to encourage young people to express their opinions — even though a description has been provided above there is not necessarily a correct answer!

Using your own words, describe what you saw happen in the film?
How does society decide what is appropriate for a woman to look like?
Given the use of Photoshop, make-up and lighting effects, can images in magazines be considered realistic?
What is sexism?
Can you give examples of instances of sexism you have seen?